Entry Guide

Collection time

October 2022 —— January 2023 


Media, advertising agencies, hotels, airlines, online platforms, cruise ships, theme parks, tourist destinations (scenics (above 3A), tourism bureaus (above and above), special towns, tourist cities, countries, others) , travel agencies/companies, business travel financial services and others, tourism real estate, etc.


2022.10.10~2023.01.16Works and Cases Submission
2023.02.06~02.15Online Judge
2023.03.31~04.02Final Judge
2023.05.16~05.182023 IAI FESTIVAL


First, read this guide carefully, and Click here to see the guide.

Second, determine the types of entry.

Third, fill in the entry forms as required, filing separately for each selected category. Please attach your entries with the works/cases form, using video and picture files as attachments, Indicating the type and name of the file.
Fourth, fill in the "IAI International Travel Award" table and add your official seal or have your signature notarized, and send mail to the Executive Committee with the entries / cases. Please remember the works / cases name is not allowed to be modified. The name and invoice information must be accurate. If there is any change, please notify the Executive Committee before the submission deadline of January 2020.
Fifth, to complete the submission, the corresponding works/cases fee must be included, otherwise it will be considered an incomplete appplication.
Sixth, within 3 working days after submission, the executive committee will reply to the entries by email and verify them. If no reply is received, please call +86 1065462208 or email to to inquire about the receipt of the works.






Participation Requirements


Participation Fee

Pay after initial trial


① RMB 8000
(including the cost of the registration, the selection fee, the communication fee, two IAI International Travel Awards, a trophy, etc.)

Cost Interpretation:
The participation fee is free of charge. After the initial trial, the finalist is required to pay the fee. Do not accept the abandonment of the prize and do not pay the fee. If the prize is abandoned, it will be announced according to the abandonment rules.

Mainland China (Remittance Information).:
Name of the Bank:久谷国际文化传媒(北京)有限公司
Account number:1100 6170 4018 8000 07156

USA (Remittance Information).:

Bank: Bank of China, Queens Branch, USA Beneficiary A/C

No: 08032492 



The information submitted must be authentic and effective. Entry files become the property of the IAI Executive Committee, who will own the copyright to entry works/cases, including but not limited to promotion, research, publications, etc.

If you choose to wire the Registration fee, the fees should be paid in time after the submission of the entries. After the payment is success- ful, please email the payment screenshot to the Executive Committee to confirm. Any unpaid registration fee will be regarded as abandoning the competition.






Resolution:300 dpi

(The original size)

Format: JPG

Size: within 1MB

Duration: within 3mins,<50 MB

Resolution: 640*480、1920*1080  or 720*576

File < 3MB


Case/industry/personal declaration form (combination of pictures and texts) + form with stamped version + winning company logo + advertiser logo

Please send to,

Entries must be successfully sent to the IAI Executive Committee before January 21, 2020, and received a mail for successful reporting.



Weibo, short for MicroBlog, is a kind of blog. It is a broadcast social network platform that shares short and real-time information. By the end of December 2012, Sina micro-blog, the original name of this company, registered more than 500 million users, and the number of active users reached 46 million, becoming the largest social circle in China. On March 17, 2014, Sina Weibo officially became listed on Nasdaq and in the same year Sina micro-blog officially changed its name to Weibo.


iQIYI, the industry leader in online video in China, has attracted the largest number of young users in China with its brand slogan of "Always Fine". On July 23, 2015, iQIYI PC monthly user reached 325 million, leading the whole network video market continuously. IQIYI was listed on Nasdaq in the United States on March 29, 2018.


NetEase is a leading internet technology company in China, It is a leading internet technology company in China, providing a variety of services such as portal websites (NetEase news), online games, email (163postbox,126 free mail), online education (NetEase Open Class), e-commerce and online music (NetEase cloud music). NetEase became the top performing stock on Nasdaq in 2002. NetEase has approximately one billion users.

Mango TVmangguo.jpg

Mango TV is the only internet video platform owned by Hunan Broadcasting and TV Station, which exclusively provides hd video live broadcast of all programs of Hunan TV, and provides users with various popular movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, music, entertainment and other content. On June 28, 2014, the total number of independent users exceeded 10 million in a single day.


Sina is an internet media company that services China and the global Chinese community. The timely and comprehensive report covers both domestic and foreign news, sports events, entertainment fash- ion, finance and IT industry information as content. Sina blogs bring together the industry elite and best and exclusive broadband interactive video products. In November 2012, Sina registered more than 600 million users.


Baidu is the world's largest Chinese language search engine and the largest Chinese language website. It was listed on Nasdaq on August 5, 2005. On November 12, 2015, Baidu was selected into the MSCI China index. Baidu has more than one billion users. More than 150 million visit the site frequently.


Tencent is the one of the largest internet service providers in China with one of the largest internet user counts in China. Tencent diversified services include: social and communication services QQ and WeChat, social network platform QQ space, QQ game platform under Tencent games, portal website Tencent, Tencent news client and video service, Tencent video, etc. QQ and WeChat have global user accounts of over 1 billion users each with the vast majority of those users in China.